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Centrale Nucleare di Chernobyl
26 Aprile 1986 1:23am

in quel luogo non esisterà più vita...

Esiste un posto sulla terra dove il tempo si è fermato, dove gli alberi danno frutti avvelenati, dove i bambini hanno smesso di giocare... 

Ho creato il libro fotografico "Chernobyl, 30km exclusion zone" perchè chi lo sfogli provi la sensazione di un viaggio indietro nel tempo nella zona morta di Chernobyl.
Le foto non avranno alcun titolo poichè la zona .


The disaster of Chernobyl has been the worst nuclear disaster in history. The 26th of April 1986 is the date of a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the ex USSR.

During the accident itself, 31 people died, and long-term effects such as cancers and deformities are still being accounted for.
We will never know how many people really died and will die because of it. The disaster began during a systems test on Saturday 26th of April 1986 at reactor N°4 of the Chernobyl plant, which is near the city of Prypiat.

There was a sudden and unexpected power surge, and when an emergency shutdown was attempted, an exponentially larger spike in power output occurred, which led to a reactor vessel rupture and a series of steam explosions.
These events exposed the graphite moderator of the reactor to air, causing it to ignite.
The resulting fire sent a plume of highly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and over an extensive geographical area, including Pripyat.

The plume drifted over large parts of the western Soviet Union and Europe.
Prypiat was evacuated only a few days later, nobody was known to be exposed to a letal dose of radiactions. After that, an area of ​​30 km radius, the exclusion zone or "the zone" was permanently seperated from the world.

It is estimated that the area will not be habitable for humans for another 20,000 years.

Many people worked on the construction of the Sarcophagus, a massive steel and concrete structure covering the nuclear reactor N°4 building of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant designed to limit radioactive contamination.

The Sarcophagus was completed at the end of October 1986, after 206 days.
It was constructed under extremely dangerous conditions, this because of the high levels of radiation.
Unprotected workers received fatal doses of radiation in less than a minute.

To produce and publish this book I spent 2 days in the dead zone of Chernobyl in 2013, it is like to be in another world, the time stands still and if you stay silent you can hear ecos of a past which is not even that far away, you can probably still hear the children of Pripyat.

The City of Pripyat has officially 0 population but when I went there I met an old couple still living in their old house in the dead zone; probably it is not true that they grow their own fruit, they are probably there only to show people that the area is now "safe" and liveable.

For those who are thinking to go there, just remember that a special permit by the government is required to have access to the exclusion zone and go through the armed checkpoints.

Chernobyl is the proof that men will destroy the world.

Alfonso Folle.

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