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14-27 February - Solo Exhibition, "I'm a traveller of the world"  - Brunswick St. Gallery (Melbourne - Australia)

I'm a traveller of the world

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page" 
I can consider myself lucky because I am able to travel and see the world.
There are place that will stay in your heart forever, if I want to go back to those places I just look at the photos of my travels, each shot is a memory.
Travelling is experience, is happiness, is peace.



03-16 April - Solo Exhibition, "Was God an Astronaut?"  - Brunswick St. Gallery (Melbourne - Australia)

Was God an Astronaut?

What if all the religions had a common origin? Probably our ancestors saw ancient visitors arriving with flying machines and they called them Gods and angels...
What if extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands or even milion of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations changing the course of human history? 

To read more about this exhibition click here


03-23 May - Group Exhibition, "Not to forget"  - Brunswick St. Gallery (Melbourne - Australia)


29-12 May - Solo Exhibition, "Melboure city of gardens"  - Brunswick St. Gallery (Melbourne - Australia)

Melbourne city of gardens.

This exhibition is the summary of my life in Australia since when I moved in 2012.
Everything is synthesized into thirteen photographs and each of them represents a step: Beginning, Patience, Changing, Cosmopolitan, Realizing, #HelloAustralia, Rising, Rule, Settle, German, Decision, Remember, Ending.

To read more about this exhibition click here

15-04 June - Group Exhibition, "Urban Perspectives"  - Brunswick St. Gallery (Melbourne - Australia)

Urban Perspectives

Urban Perspective is a project created to show the world from a different perspective.
The project will show different countries from a particular point of view.

Works presented for the participation to the group exhibition "Smallworks 2016" and presented in the Photography Exhibition "Melbourne city of gardens"

16-29 September - Group Exhibition, "City in Movement"  - Brunswick St. Gallery (Melbourne - Australia)

City in Movement

All around us is moving, we are in movement too but if we stand still for a moment we will find ourselves in a world that is in a constant evolution, people talking, walking, cars and even the clouds in the sky are following their path...

World is in movement.

11-21 January - Group Exhibition, "The lie of Democracy"  - Brunswick St. Gallery (Melbourne - Australia)

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