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Europe 2012

Europe is beautiful, not saying this because I'm european but becase it really is. As a traveler I can say that Europe is the best to travel through, and this because Europe is done by all different and beautiful countries, Italy, England, France, Spain, they are all close to each other but at the same time each of then has a different History, different culture, different language, different life style and in all of them there is so much to see.

For this trip my idea was to travel by night buses from a country to another so I could travel while sleeping; it is a nice feeling when you fall asleep in Amsterdam and you wake up in Paris!!!

I had eleven days for this trip and I booked flights, buses and hotels all in one night.

Eleven days may seem not enough to see all those countries and probably it isn't but I wanted to do a quick stop, one to two days per country then go to the next country.

I flew from and to Milan then all the rest was by day and night buses to go from a country to another.

I found very cheap bus companies operating in Europe and this is another advantage to travel in Europe, you can travel for really cheap.

Budapest 28 - 30 May 2012

I arrived at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport the 28th of May at around 9:45am.
From the airport was quite easy to reach the city, just a bit of confusion with the language but I managed it. To get to the city from the airport there is the Bus N°200 that takes you to the stop of the metro Kőbánya-Kispest to the city.

For the accomodation I booked my hostel on where I found this really cheap room 6.49 Euros/night for 2 nights at 7* Hostel Budapest.

It was a shared bedroom with 10 beds but when I arrived to the hostel for the check in, the guy at the reception told me that my room was not in that building but in another building right in the city so we took a tram and we arrived to my room.
It was a 3 bedrooms apartment which was empty for those two night and my room was also a single room so basically I had the full apartment for myself, plus right in the centre of Budapest! It was a really good start of my holiday.

My room was in a building right in front of Saint Michael's Church on Váci utca (Római Katolikus Templom - Belvárosi Szent Mihály Templom).

Checked in, finally I was ready to start my visit of Budapest.
I walked Váci utca which is a nice street full of souvenir shops and restaurants, and I arrived in the square right in front to the Liberty Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges of Budapest.

The three iconic bridges of Budapest are the Liberty Bridge, Elisabeth Bridge and the Chain Bridge.

From the other side of the Danube there are really good viewpoints where is possible to get a beautiful view of the city.


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