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        I ..had the idea  for  this  project in  2016  during one of my.   .   .trips to Poland where I saw a few photographs that a Polish    .  photographer,  Szymon Kaczmarczyk,  displayed in the hostelwhere I was.                                                            . Titled “Podróże w czasie”,.. Travelling in time, that exhibi-       tion captured my attention because the photos he took,..where.      . taken using as references  photos  from the past,  a  sort of   .time travel.                                                                   From that day I started thinking  about this  project .and .     . when I came.. back to Australia, I organized  a  similar exhi-     . bition at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy  with  the     . title  “Melbourne 1835”  where I displayed, as the Polish pho-      . tographer  did,  ten  photographs  of  Melbourne from 1870 to     . 1930 ..together with ten images  taken by me of the same loca-.tions.                                                                 .      After that exhibition, I started working .on. this book and. .it took me over one year to complete it.                             . “Dust from unmade roads - Frankston” is not  one of  those       books .with a lot of words where the reader can image things.        while reading but each page .of. it .is an open window on the. past from where to look outside.    .                                 .The first chapter is about the early history of Frankston            .. written  by  the  thirteen years  old  Donald Charlwood. and  .         . published on the Frankston and Somerville. Standard in 1930.           ..The second .chapter is the heart of the project.  I collect-                       ed over a...hundred  and  fifty old images, mainly of the area ...                                       between Oliver’s Hill and the Grimwade Clocktower..                                          

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