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#1 How to create a personalized travel map

For a traveler is very important to be able to read a map and it is very important also to know how to create a personalized map if you want to share your travel experience with others on your website or on a social media.

STEP 1: Find a map you will personalize.

We can use google to find a map to use as a base of our personalized travel map; maps from google maps are pretty clear and contain all the information needed. 
To capture a map/part of a map we can use any capture tool or alternatively (Ctrl+Stamp RSist) then (Edit>Paste) in Photoshop and crop the part of the map wanted.

STEP 2: Set the Brush Tool of Photoshop.

Select Brush Tool and open the Brush Panel, select the second brush (hard round) setting 1px as radius with hardness 100%:

STEP 3: Set the Dual Brush.

After step 2 we will be able to draw a line on our map but what we want is a dashed line so what we need to do at this point is to set the Dual Brush from the Brush Panel like the following example:

Settings for the Dual Brush:

Hard Round: 30
Size: 5px
Spacing: 215%
Scatter: 0%
Count: 5

STEP 4: Create a new layer.

I use this method to be able to decide the hardness of my line using different layers, create a new layer and rename it "dashed line". On this new layer we will draw our line, we will not draw the line on the Map layer.

STEP 5: Draw the dashed line.

Select the color of the line as Foreground colour in the colour panel and draw the line having the new layer "dashed line selected".

STEP 6: Create copies of the dashed line layer.

To make our line darker we just need to create a copy of the dashed line layer. To create one or more copies we can just drag and drop the layer on the "create a new layer icon".

STEP 7: Search for transport (Optional)

This step is optional; we can add a little car, airplane, bus or other on our map. To do it we need to google and search for "airplane vectorial profile PNG" and choose the one we like more for our map. The picture must be PNG format because these formats have transparences.

STEP 8: Add the transport on the map

Once we find the PNG picture we like we just need to add it to our map, resize and rotate it and finally we will have our personalized map of our trip.

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