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In the Prime Minister's job

People must be the centre of attention


People are at the centre of the Prime Minister’s attention. Putin said that the authorities must draw their support solely from the Russian people, and if this support is absent, the authorities have no place in power. In November 2011, Putin was nominated as candidate for Russian president.

Taking personal control

Vladimir Putin took the reconstruction of homes and compensation for victims of the wildfires in the summer of 2010 under his personal control.

Round-the-clock monitoring was set up at the sites where new housing was being built for the fire victims. Video cameras working 24 hours a day were installed at all of the main sites.
The construction work could be followed on monitors at the Government House, at Vladimir Putin’s residence, and on the Government website.


Families of those killed by the fires received 1 million rubles [$33,000] in compensation, and each member of families affected by the fires received 100,000 rubles.
All of the people whose homes were destroyed received new homes or apartments by the start of winter, or, at their request, received monetary compensation. A total of 2,200 families built new homes.

"If I do something, I try to see it through to its completion, or at least try to ensure that it brings the maximum result."

Social Measures

Vladimir Putin is an active supporter of measures to develop the agricultural sector. “Step by step, we are becoming full-fledged masters of our own food and agricultural markets.
This is the result of our work to develop the country’s agricultural sector, and is the visible fruit of the hard work put in by our grain growers, livestock farmers, and processing companies,” he said.


Support for military personnel is another priority for Putin. Servicemen will see their service pay and military pensions increase substantially by 2013, and they will receive housing.

On September 5, 2011, Vladimir Putin announced that over the course of the 2011-2012 academic year, teachers’ wages all around the country must be at least as high as the average wage in each given region’s economy.
He has taken this process under his personal control.

Presidential candidate

The delegates at the second round of United Russia’s 12th party congress approved Vladimir Putin as their candidate in the 2012 presidential election.

Vladimir Putin was elected President of Russia on March 4, 2012.

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