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Life is unpredictable, you never 
know what is coming next.
Things end.
People leave,
but everything happens for a reason
and someday,
when you are not expecting it, 
your life will never be the same again.

Alfonso was born in 1983 in Naples (Italy).

Since when he was a kid he loved drawing and any other form of art that he could express his thoughts and feelings through.

After his Diploma of Building
Surveying he started studying 
Mechanical Engineering before to join the Italian Army.

Italian Army (2005 - 2012)

Alfonso joined the army in 2005 and after the basic military training, he studied at the School of Military Engineering in Rome to become a Technician of generating sets.

He served in the Italian Engineers Command becoming a qualified parachutist and attaining the rank of Senior Corporal-Major.

He participated in numerous military operations including the Gran Sasso Operation for the earthquake in Abruzzo in 2009 awarding the bronze medal from the Italian Civil Protection Department.

In 2012 Alfonso decided to resign from the army and to move to Australia.

Alfonso Folle

Australia (2012 - 2018)

Starting a new life overseas was not an easy thing, he had to deal with a different language, different cultures, all the visa issues and basically start from zero.

Once in Australia Alfonso started his studies in Business and Hospitality.

Living overseas is a good opportunity to learn how to interact and socialize with people speaking a different language and with different cultures and learn so many new things. 

He met so many new people, adopted a stray cat, Ciuchino and after eight years in Australia, he can say that moving was a good choice. 



His passion for Photography kept growing and he 
specialized in Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography becoming a Google Trusted Photographer.

He held several photography exhibitions in Australia and published a photographic book.


When you travel alone you are extremely free, you can decide if keep going or stop, walk right or left, but the most important thing is that being by yourself, you get to know yourself better.

Only if we know ourselves we can live with others being confident, traveling alone is one of the best way to achieve this.

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