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Alfonso Folle is an italian former Army Officer, Photographer and traveller of the world born in Napoli and based in Melbourne since 2012.

After his studies he joined the Italian Army serving his country for seven years. W
hen he decided to resign, he moved to Melbourne where he founded the online Academy of Photography.

In Australia he also studied Business and Hospitality and he started his activity as a photography trainer.

Drawing has been his passion since when he was a child inspirated by Salvador Dalì, the most important surrealist of 20th Century.

After Secondary school he studied Building Surveying then after the Diploma he studied Mechanical Engineering suspending his studies to join the Italian Army. 


Alfonso joined the Italian Army in 2005 and after the military training he studied at the School of Military Engineering in Rome to become a Military Technician of generating sets.

He served the Army in the Italian Engineers Command where became a qualified parachutis attaining the rank of Senior Corporal-Major.

He participated in numerous Military Operations including the Gran Sasso Operation for the earthquake in Abruzzi in 2009 awarding the bronze medal from the Italian Civil Protection Department.

His passion for traveling has taken him to over 23 countries on 5 continents.
Unseparable friends of his travels are his backpack and his camera.

His thought is "if I can't take my camera I'm not going" because for him travel and photograph are complementary to each other.

He thinks that a good photographer is not the one who owns expensive gear but the one who can capture a moment that would otherwise be gone forever.

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